Syl_Mic (soccerchick_12) wrote in trackandfield,

Motivational Drop...

I've been running great for 3 weeks or so. My coach said I was at my best in 4 years. Finally, that means I'm better than I was in 9th grade. :P I worked so hard. It was like there was a mechanism in me that prevented me from not getting my time for every single lap. I ran a 5km tempo faster than I've ever run a 5km race... It was just great, I was soaring.

Then the exams came, and I missed two work outs. A few days later, my father passed away, and I missed two more work outs. Now that I'm back, that lovely mechanism is just gone. I can't tell if I lost it because I didn't train much in the past two weeks or if it's just in my head. But I think it's the second. Nonetheless, it sucks. I did a rep work out on wednesday (200, 400, 800, 1200, 1200, 800, 400, 200). And I was 14 and 13 seconds late in my 1200. Today, I was supposed to run a 5km tempo in 22 minutes and 5 seconds. I finished in 23 minutes and 8 seconds. And I think I finished 200 meters early.

I'm beyond disapointed, and my next competition is next weekend. I feel like I don't have the chance to get back, and I'm pretty discouraged at this time.

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