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trying to keep focused and my head in the game

Hey everyone...i'm not really writing anything of relevance...i don't think...just need a place to vent. I'm kinda down because i'm an athlete and my coach just keeps getting on me about stuff that i can't really change or i'm trying to change and it's still not good enough. We have a big meet coming up next weekend and i feel like he doesn't think that i will be able to pull off what i know i can which is a great jump(by the way for anyone who is reading this or for anyone that cares i'm a high jumper).  It's kinda hard to keep motivating yourself when you feel like your own coach has lost faith in you. I don't know if anyone would have a solution to my little problem but if anyone has an opinion i'am open ears lol. I'm trying my hardest and i'm trying to keep myself determined and ready to go but after a point when do you stop? When is it enough? There is going to come a time unfortunately when motivating myself and telling myself to hang in there is going to be a thing of the past. Anyone out there have any suggestions on how to keep my mind focused and back in the game? I'm totally open to new ideas!
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