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The Road to Nationals

Hey all,
     I wrote a couple of weeks back feeling kinda down and for the most part downtrotten and was ready to quit. Well alot has changed since then and with a couple of friends who wouldn't let me give up and some of u guys from livejournal who gave me advice about my frustration with track and being an athlete, i'm proud to say that now i'am on my way to the NCAA track and field national championships!! It's been a long season, full of ups and downs and not to sound so cliche' but with all of the negative things that got me down litterally made me a stronger person both physically and mentally. I feel that i'm capable of doing anything now. As being one of the top high jumpers in the country as of today, i can say that without the help of my teammates and my family and once again u guys that commented on my last entry, i wouldn't be able to pick myself up and brush myself off. Fot that i'am completly greatful. As i get myself ready for nationals next weekend, i pray that i keep myself focused and determined and above all ready for anything to happen. i'm ready for the road to nationals...are you?
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