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Stay Motivated! Lap Counting Made Simple

Hi guys! We know endurance training is important to you, so we wanted to let you know about the SportCount series of one-button, finger-mounted lap counters and timers. These are great for swimmers, hikers, cyclists and any athlete in between. Relieve the frustration of losing speed and form due to inconveniently placed watches. End the annoyance of chanting a number along with each lap. Check it out:

Above: The SportCount Chrono 100 advanced timer.

The timers are small, comfortable, water resistant to 50 meters, convenient and moderately-priced. We've been in business for 20 years, and are dedicated to suiting the needs of Olympians and casual athletes alike. Check out our Web site to learn more or visit our blog here on LiveJournal for more reviews and to leave a comment!


SportCount Chrono 100 - Top-of-the-line model - Red

* Recall up to 100 individual lap times
* Recall fastest, slowest, average, and total lap times
* Display split times and lap numbers
* Total number of laps completed & total lap time
* Water resistant to 50 meters

SportCount Combo - Blue

* Display split times & lap number
* Recall fastest, slowest, average and lap times
* Total number of laps completed & total lap time
* Water resistant to 50 meters

SportCount LapCounter - Simplest model; counts laps only! - Silver

* Registers a lap count with one touch
* Counts up to 9,999
* Water resistant to 50 meters

SportCount Stopwatch - Stopwatch function only! - Yellow

* Stop/start/reset modes
* Numerals are large and easy to read
* Water resistant to 50 meters

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